The easiest way to explore colors is to use the color picker, simply by clicking the search box. Clicking on the search box with the color picker open will allow you to enter search queries.

Example Search Queries

More complex color interrogation functions are available, e.g. searching within a hue range and ordering results by color lightness:

redRGB redred(200, 255)
greenRGB greengreen(70, 100)
blueRGB blueblue(200, 255)
hueHSL huehue(0, 5)
saturationHSL saturationsaturation(85, 90)
lightnessHSL lightnesslightness(70, 90)
cCIELCh chromac(40, 60)
hCIELCh hueh(240, 300)
lCIELab lightnessl(80, 100)
aCIELab Aa(-32, -31)
bCIELab Bb(50, 70)

Multiple color functions can be used and in conjunction with full-text terms: sunset h(0, 20) order(lightness-desc)


For any queries please send English language emails to [email protected].